PAC Group (GH) Limited is a new conglomerate company with businesses including construction, equipment rentals, apartments and hospitality services, searching for the best and brightest engineers and business graduates. In this regard, we are seeking to hire college graduates and experience professionals who hold degrees in engineering, accounting or other business-related fields from colleges or universities. Application closing date for initial recruitment is September 15, 2020. Application will continue to be accepted after closing date on as needed basis.

If you are an engineer or business graduate or professional looking for an opportunity to take the vision of a company from its beginnings to the highest levels in Africa, then you are at the right place. If you feel your dreams, aspirations and vision is not taken seriously by your current employer, and you are seeking and craving to make a mark on society and have a legacy for future generations in Africa, then we will provide you with the enabling environment to accomplish your dreams. We hope to be a Pan-African company to transform our people and make Africa great. If you want to be part of the team to create the Walmart of Africa, Amazon of Africa, Microsoft of Africa, Google of Africa, Apple of Africa and African versions of all the greatest companies in the world, then we welcome you to join us in that journey.

  • The Civil Engineer will be in-charge of all construction projects from building affordable homes to constructing the best civil infrastructures in Africa.
  • The Mechanical Engineer will be in-charge of all equipment rentals and maintenance of all vehicles and machinery and responsible for designing and building mechanical devices for projects in Africa.
  • The Chemical or Agricultural Engineer will be in-charge of the company’s farming operations, agritourism and agro-processing products in Africa.
  • The Electrical or Computer Engineer will be in-charge of all electrical, electronic and computer devices and be responsible for the information technology infrastructure of the company. The computer engineer or IT professional will be the brain behind our web-hosting, website development and cloud solution services using tools and platforms like Microsoft 365 and Amazon Web Services and drive our vision to equip Africa with paperless work environment and artificial intelligence and developing apps and systems for e-commerce.
  • The Accountant will be in-charge of general accounting and bookkeeping, tax, advisory and assurance services, micro-financing and using software such as Quickbooks desktop and online, payroll and tax software, Microsoft office suite etc to accomplished its goals in a paperless work environment.
  • The Pan-African Hospitality Manager will be in-charge of our apartments, restaurants, event planning, car rentals, and tourism businesses and all aspects of our hospitality services through out Africa. The hospitality manager will organize and manage international tours and event planning; coordinate the establishment of restaurants all over Africa.
  • The Pan-African Marketing Coordinator will be in-charge of the company’s marketing and pricing efforts with a particular focus on Africa countries through the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and coordinate will all the other departments. The Pan-African Marketing Coordinator will use all marketing and social media tools such as YouTube channels, TV stations, radio stations, blogs and other mechanisms to create product awareness and brand recognition throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

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