Financial Advisory Services

AT PAC Group, we look at your financial health and provide financial advisory services to help you maximize your tax benefit and stay in good financial health. PAC Group provides these services through our 100% wholly-owned subsidiary (PAC Financial Services, Inc.) and include the following:

  • Personal financial planning: credit management, family budget and lifestyle change
  • Retirement planning: IRAs, 401Ks and SEP IRA
  • Insurance and risk management: life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, long term care insurance and other insurance products
  • College savings plans for your children or beneficiaries such as 529 plans
  • Other savings accounts such as health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account, emergency savings account and other accounts
  • Business succession planning such as buy or sell agreements and profit sharing agreements
  • Estate planning including wills and trusts
  • Investment planning to maximize your tax benefit. Note: we do not provide any advice on the purchase or sale of securities or provide recommendation on investment.